Ramya Ramana: Illuminating New York’s Skyline with Poetic Brilliance

From Knicks Poetry Slam to Operetta Maestro: Ramya Ramana

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, where dreams are woven into the fabric of its skyscrapers, one name shines bright – Ramya Ramana. Born on March 3, 1995, this American poet has not only captured the essence of the city through her verses but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring poets worldwide.

Ramya Ramana: A Journey Unveiled

Ramya Ramana’s journey into the world of poetry began to unfold in 2014 when she clinched victory at the New York Knicks Poetry Slam, earning herself a scholarship to St. John’s University. This triumph marked the inception of a career that would later see her ascend to the prestigious position of Youth Poet Laureate of New York City.

Verses in the Air

Ramya Ramana’s poetic prowess transcends the written word. In January 2014, she was invited to read her poem titled “New York City” at the inauguration ceremony for Mayor Bill de Blasio, a moment that cemented her presence in the city’s cultural landscape.

Her poetic journey also found expression on television as she graced the stage of Verses & Flow in 2014, captivating audiences with the power of her words.

Championing Causes

Beyond the stage, Ramya Ramanahas been an advocate for social causes. In 2015, she participated in an event in Guyana hosted by One Billion Rising, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about domestic violence.

As the Youth Poet Laureate, she actively collaborated with the New York City Campaign Finance Board’s voter education campaign, demonstrating the transformative potential of poetry in social activism.

The Tapestry of Notable Poetries

Ramya Ramana’s verses resonate with a depth that reflects her profound understanding of societal issues. Her notable poems, including “Miss America,” “New York City,” “It Is Not Your Problem,” “We Will No Longer Stay Silent to this Classism,” and “Don’t Drown Her in the Baptism,” weave a tapestry that speaks to the human experience, challenging norms and inspiring change.

Beyond the Pages

Ramya Ramana’s impact extends beyond poetry and into various spheres of artistic expression. Her performances at renowned events like the US Open, Tribeca Film Festival, and Pharrell’s Adidas campaign showcase her versatility. A published author, she released her first collection of poems through Penmanship Books, celebrating the occasion with a release at the iconic Lincoln Center.

Educator and Mentor

Ramya Ramana’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of poets and young women is evident in her role as an educator and mentor. Her dedication to fostering creativity and empowerment underscores her belief in the transformative power of words.

The Operetta Maestro

In her ongoing endeavors, Ramya Ramana delves into the realm of operetta as a librettist for a film. Embracing the challenge, she immerses herself in the study of music theory and opera, embarking on a journey of continuous learning and artistic exploration.

In a candid conversation, Ramya shares insights into her creative process. Her recent poem, a reflection on generations and sacrifice, unveils the layers of meaning that emerged during its evolution. As she works on an operetta film, she expresses the joy of surrendering to the unfamiliar, embracing a new language of expression.

A Day in the Life

For Ramya Ramana, a perfect day is one of quiet introspection, free from external distractions. Starting with a delicious smoothie, she finds joy in exploring hidden-gem mom-and-pop shops for lunch, cherishing the simple pleasures that feed her creativity.

Roots in New York

New York is not just a city for Ramya Ramana; it’s home. Born in Queens, raised in Long Island, her entire life has been a mosaic of experiences within the city’s diverse landscapes. Reflecting on the ever-changing nature of New York, she acknowledges its role in shaping her worldview.

Brooklyn, a Love Affair

Ramya Ramana’s brief sojourns in Brooklyn, particularly in Cobble Hill and Bushwick, offered moments of solace during turbulent times. Running by the water in Cobble Hill provided a sanctuary for her mind, a testament to the city’s ability to offer solace even in its busiest corners.

Evolving Notions of Community

For Ramya, a poetry community is a dynamic entity that evolves with time. Starting in youth spaces, it has grown to encompass a diverse array of connections, each phase contributing to her understanding of genuine belonging. The essence lies in choosing the person before the gift, fostering friendships that transcend the boundaries of craft.

Gratitude to Mentors

Reflecting on her journey, Ramana expresses gratitude to mentors like Tina Chang, whose generosity and encouragement played a pivotal role in her growth as a poet. The community she found in her early years shaped her perception of greatness, allowing her to envision her own path.

Literary Inspirations

A lover of Mary Oliver’s work, Ramya Ramana finds herself enchanted by the tangible expressions of supernatural realities in Oliver’s book “Dream Work.” The profound impact of literature on her spiritual journey mirrors the transformative power of words.

Unexplored Literary Territories

Despite her literary achievements, Ramya Ramana harbors a list of books and poems she aspires to read, including Augustine’s “The City of God,” Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake,” and Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens.” These unexplored territories beckon, promising new dimensions to her literary exploration.

Reading Rituals and Preferences

Ramana’s reading process has evolved from devouring multiple books a week to savoring a single book until completion. Embracing spontaneity, she selects books intuitively, favoring physical copies for the sensory experience they provide. Although not a note-taker, she acknowledges the value of the immersive reading experience.

Ghazal Dreams

In her poetic endeavors, Ramana expresses a keen interest in writing a ghazal, a form that she is yet to explore. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of ghazals, she envisions experimenting with this intricate and melodic style.

Where Wonder Resides

Ramya Ramana finds inspiration in unconventional spaces, from cafés and trains to Central Park and Smith Point Beach. The allure of uncharted territories, both physical and imaginative, fuels her creative spirit.

Greenpoint Reverie

Amidst the diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Ramana discovers a newfound love for Greenpoint, a sentiment she is still unraveling. The inexplicable connection to this locale speaks to the city’s ability to offer new discoveries even to those intimately acquainted with its streets.

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