Pallavi Sharda: An Inspirational Journey Through Film and Activism

Pallavi Sharda: Australian Actress and Bharatanatyam Dancer

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and advocacy, few individuals shine as brightly as Pallavi Sharda. Born into an Indian family in Perth, Western Australia, Pallavi Sharda’s journey is one of resilience, talent, and unwavering dedication.

From her breakout role in the Academy Award-nominated film Lion to her captivating performances in Bollywood and beyond, Pallavi’s story is as inspiring as it is unique.

Early Life of Pallavi Sharda: Nurturing Roots and Academic Brilliance

Pallavi Sharda’s upbringing laid the foundation for her extraordinary achievements. Raised in Melbourne, she attended Lowther Hall in Essendon, where her academic prowess earned her an esteemed scholarship.

Fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and cultural enrichment, Pallavi Sharda embarked on her tertiary education journey at the University of Melbourne at the tender age of 16, graduating with honours in LLB and BA (Media & Communications) & Diploma in Modern Languages (French). This early academic success not only showcased her intellect but also hinted at the remarkable trajectory her life would take.

The Blossoming of a Star: From Bollywood to Hollywood

Pallavi’s foray into the world of entertainment began with a cameo in Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan (2010), marking the inception of a promising career. Crowned Miss India Australia in 2010, Pallavi’s star continued to ascend with each role she undertook.

Whether it was her portrayal of Geeta in Dus Tola (2010) or her captivating performance in Hawaizaada (2015), Pallavi’s talent transcended borders and captivated audiences worldwide.

Her transition to Hollywood in the acclaimed film Lion (2016) alongside Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman further solidified her status as a global talent. The critical acclaim she received for her roles, notably as Gulabo in Begum Jaan (2017), underscored her versatility as an actress and her ability to breathe life into diverse characters with depth and nuance.

Beyond the Silver Screen: Advocacy and Empowerment

Yet, Pallavi’s impact extends far beyond her cinematic achievements. As a passionate advocate for social change, she has lent her voice to causes close to her heart.

From serving on the board of advisers for e-Kutir, a social entrepreneurship company focused on improving lives in India, to her role as a keynote speaker on cross-cultural relations and women’s empowerment, Pallavi has tirelessly championed causes that resonate with her values.

Her designation as the “Queen of Moomba” alongside Shane Warne and her recognition as one of the forty most influential Asian Australians exemplify her influence in shaping conversations around Australian arts, culture, and identity.

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