Over 400 Indian Students lost their Lives Abroad

Indian Students Abroad Losing Lives

Over 400 Indian: A total of 403 incidents of Indian students’ deaths abroad have been reported since 2018, with causes including natural factors, accidents, and medical conditions. Canada leads with 91 cases, followed by the UK with 48.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted the government’s commitment to the welfare of Indian students abroad.

Over 400 Indian

Jaishankar, responding to safety concerns, provided country-wise details of student deaths abroad since 2018, emphasizing the high numbers in Canada, the UK, and Russia.

This alarming trend raises concerns for students studying abroad and heightens parental worries, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced safety measures.

Minister of State for External Affairs RajKumar Ranjan Singh reiterated India’s ‘Neighbourhood First policy,’ guiding relations with immediate neighbors. As student safety remains paramount, collaborative efforts are essential to ensure a significant reduction in incidents, reassuring both students and their families.

The government’s continued focus on addressing these concerns reflects its dedication to enhancing the safety and well-being of Indian students pursuing education abroad.

Efforts should be intensified to establish robust support systems, preventive measures, and comprehensive safety protocols in collaboration with host countries.

This proactive approach is vital to create a secure environment for Indian students, fostering confidence in the education abroad experience.

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