NRI Faces Contempt Charges in Delhi High Court

NRI Charged by Delhi High Court

NRI Faces: The Delhi High Court has taken Suo moto contempt action against Australia-based Indian woman Anita Kumari Gupta for verbally abusing the court and Justice Neena Bansal Krishna during a virtual hearing on January 10.

Gupta, a litigant in a property case, directed derogatory remarks at the court after her case was adjourned to January 16 by joint consent. The court found her remarks to be contemptuous and reflective of a complete disregard for the court’s dignity.

NRI Faces Issues

Initiating contempt proceedings, the high court emphasized the severity of Gupta’s derogatory comments and the need to address the disrespect shown towards the judiciary.

The contempt action highlights the court’s commitment to upholding its integrity and preserving its reputation in the face of disrespectful behaviour. As the case unfolds, Gupta may face legal consequences for her contemptuous remarks, underscoring the importance of maintaining decorum and civility in legal proceedings, even in virtual settings.

The incident serves as a reminder of the standards of conduct expected in court proceedings and the consequences for those who violate the respect due to the judiciary.

Legal authorities are likely to take appropriate measures to address the contemptuous behaviour and ensure accountability for maintaining the dignity of the court.

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