NRI Alleges Assault by Promoter

Contract Promoter Assaults NRI

NRI Alleges: In Kolkata, a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) residing in Seattle, USA, Jishnu Nath, faced alleged assault by a local promoter, Khokon Sarkar, and associates on Monday.

Nath had returned to Kolkata on January 17 to oversee the renovation of his ancestral house. Despite Sarkar’s attempt to secure the renovation contract, Nath chose another promoter.

NRI Alleges Assault

In response, Sarkar and his associates reportedly resorted to extortion, visiting the work-site and demanding money from Nath. Matters escalated on Monday when Nath was physically assaulted by Khokon and one of his associates. Allegedly, threats of dire consequences were issued if Nath failed to comply with their demands.

Jishnu Nath promptly filed a complaint at Rabindra Sarobar police station against the accused, who, as of Wednesday, remained unarrested. The alleged assault stemmed from Nath’s decision to award the renovation contract to a different promoter.

This incident highlights the challenges NRIs sometimes face in their hometowns, where business dealings can lead to unfortunate confrontations. It also raises concerns regarding to the safety of NRIs in India.

The legal process is now in motion as authorities investigate the assault allegations made by Jishnu Nath against Khokon Sarkar and his associates. The regulations and security of people has been questioned via this incident.

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