New Zealand Enhances Migrant Protection Visa Rules

New Zealand Improves Migrant Visa Rules

With the aim of enhancing support for migrants who have endured exploitation, Immigration New Zealand has introduced modifications to the Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa.

These changes, effective as of the final week of October, provide a lifeline to individuals who already hold an initial MEPV, enabling them to apply for an additional MEPV if they encounter difficulties in securing suitable employment.

New Zealand Visa Rules Updates

The MEPV, which comes at no cost, grants migrants a maximum of six months’ residence in New Zealand, with a priority processing option. This visa empowers exploited migrant workers in various ways.

To be eligible for this visa, you must first undergo an assessment of your exploitation report by Employment New Zealand. Your application for the MEPV should be submitted within one month of receiving your Exploitation Assessment letter. Applying for the MEPV beyond this one-month period will result in the requirement to pay fees or provide additional medical and police certificates.

Additionally, you must demonstrate that you made genuine efforts to seek employment during your initial MEPV period and that the positions you applied for are in alignment with the ones specified in your original work visa. The pay rate for these positions should meet the criteria outlined in the Accredited Employer Work Visa requirements.

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