New Zealand : Expands Path to Residency for Foreign Workers

New Zealand : Residency for Immigrant Workers

New Zealand : Plans to incorporate 17 additional occupations, which encompass roles like prison guards, welders, and aviation engineers, into its Immigration Green List. This expansion aims to expedite the residency process.

Starting next year, employers in sectors such as information technology, automotive, and engineering will have the option to utilize Green List visas when seeking specialists for positions that cannot be filled by New Zealand workers, as highlighted by Immigration Minister Andrew Little during an announcement in Wellington.

The updated list also includes professions like database and systems administrators, vehicle painters, road-roller operators, and panel beaters. This expansion of the list is a response to the skills shortages exacerbated by the pandemic.

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By extending the opportunity for residency, the government anticipates making New Zealand a more appealing destination for foreign workers. New Zealand has witnessed a significant surge in immigration, with a record influx of 135K foreigners arriving in the country during the year up to July.

While this has helped alleviate labour market pressures, the Treasury Department has cautioned that this increased demand may contribute to inflationary pressures. Additionally, the government has included seven new professions, such as machine operators and road-traffic controllers, in a distinct category.

This category permits employers in the construction and infrastructure sector to hire migrant workers at a reduced wage requirement compared to the standard work visa conditions.

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