Netherlands Plan to Limit International Students

Natherlands Looking to Reduce Foreign Students

Netherlands Plan: Fourteen Dutch universities have collaboratively devised measures to address concerns surrounding the influx of foreign students, aiming to limit their numbers and bolster proficiency in Dutch language among students and staff.

These measures include halting the introduction of new bachelor’s programs in English and assessing existing English courses for potential translation into Dutch.

Netherlands Plan To…

However, master’s programs taught in English remain unaffected. While universities will no longer actively recruit personnel through international fairs, exceptions may apply for sectors facing significant labour shortages.

A pivotal aspect of this strategy involves prioritizing Dutch as the primary language for core bachelor’s programs in key fields like economics and psychology. This initiative seeks to balance internationalization with ensuring essential programs are accessible in the native language.

While recent efforts have focused on attracting international students, attention has shifted towards mitigating potential downsides. Netherlands has joined the list of countries that are looking to reduce foreign students influx.

Concerns revolve around the possibility of international student enrolment limiting Dutch students’ access to various courses and exacerbating the strain on already scarce student housing in urban areas.

This shift underscores a nuanced approach to internationalization, emphasizing the importance of maintaining accessibility for local students while continuing to welcome international talent.

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