Mass Drowning Claims Lives of Four Indians in Australia

Four Indians Lose their Lives in Australia

Mass Drowning: In a tragic incident last Wednesday at Phillip Island, Victoria, four Indians, including two women, lost their lives in a drowning incident at an unpatrolled beach.

This marks the deadliest incident in Victorian waters in nearly two decades, according to officials. Emergency services were alerted around 3:30 pm when reports indicated that four individuals were struggling in the water near Newhaven.

Mass Drowning Claims

Upon arrival, Life Saving Victoria found that off-duty lifeguards had already pulled three people from the water, and the fourth was rescued by one of their boats. Despite rescue efforts, all four victims were unconscious and unresponsive.

Immediate CPR was initiated, but sadly, a man and two women succumbed to the tragedy at the scene. The third woman, in her 20s, was rushed to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, where she also passed away.

Kane Treloar, the state agency commander for Life Saving Victoria, mentioned that the incident occurred only a short distance from a patrolled lifeguard site. The victims’ identities have not been disclosed by authorities at this time.

The lifeguards, both on and off duty, played a crucial role in the rescue attempts, underlining the challenges posed by unpatrolled beaches.

This heartbreaking event highlights the importance of beach safety and serves as a somber reminder of the risks associated with swimming in unmonitored waters.

The community is left mourning the loss of these four lives in a devastating incident that unfolded on Australia’s southeastern coast.

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