Manhunt for NRI Threatening Calls to MLA

Police in Search for NRI doing Threat Calls

Manhunt for NRI: In the case of threatening calls received by Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh, Cybercrime Police have progressed in their investigation. The police have identified the source of the calls as Mohammed Qasim, a resident of Kuwait for the past 14 years. Qasim, who previously lived in Chandrayanagutta and Dubai, has been accused of using internet protocol to make threatening calls to Raja Singh.

Authorities have issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against Qasim, indicating their intention to prevent him from leaving the country. The police are currently unclear about the nature of the threats and Qasim’s motive, prompting further investigation into the matter.

Manhunt for NRI Threatning

Qasim’s residency in Kuwait adds a layer of complexity to the case, requiring cooperation with Kuwaiti authorities. Efforts are underway to establish effective communication with Kuwaiti officials, facilitating Qasim’s apprehension and potential extradition to face charges in India.

The situation highlights the challenges associated with international cyber threats and the importance of cross-border cooperation in addressing such cases.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities aim to uncover the motives behind the threats and ensure legal proceedings against the accused. The Look Out Circular serves as a preventive measure, signalling the urgency of resolving the matter and bringing the perpetrator to justice.

The case underscores the need for robust cybersecurity measures and international collaboration to tackle cybercrimes with global implications.

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