Mallika Chopra: A Journey of Mindfulness and Purpose

Mallika Chopra: Empowering Through Words and Wisdom

In a world bustling with distractions and demands, Mallika Chopra stands out as a beacon of mindfulness and purpose. As a devoted mother, media entrepreneur, author, and public speaker, she has dedicated her life to empowering individuals, young and old, to navigate life’s challenges with grace and intentionality.

Empowering Children Through Literature

At the heart of Mallika’s mission lies her passion for nurturing the next generation’s emotional well-being. Through her acclaimed Just Be Series – comprising “Just Breathe,” “Just Feel,” and “Just Be You” – Mallika equips children with invaluable tools for understanding and managing their emotions.

These beautifully illustrated books serve as guides for cultivating resilience, meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection from an early age. With a keen understanding of the modern struggles faced by children, Mallika’s works address issues such as stress, sleep difficulties, self-confidence, and social intelligence, offering holistic support for young minds.

Her latest offering, “Buddha and the Rose,” co-created with illustrator Neha Rawat, captures the essence of awareness and wonder, inviting readers to embrace the joy of living in the present moment. This enchanting tale serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions among educators and parents, fostering a deeper understanding of children’s emotions and experiences.

Mallika Chopra: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Mallika’s journey towards purpose and joy is not just a personal quest but a universal narrative. In her candid memoir, “Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy,” she shares the lessons gleaned from balancing the roles of a mother, entrepreneur, and seeker of fulfillment.

Through her introspective reflections, Mallika Chopra offers invaluable insights into finding harmony amidst life’s complexities, inspiring readers to embark on their paths with intention and authenticity.

A Beacon of Mindfulness

Beyond the written word, Mallika’s impact reverberates through her teachings and speaking engagements worldwide. Armed with a BA from Brown University, an MBA from Kellogg Business School, and an MA in Psychology and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a concentration in mind-body-spirit practices, Mallika is a seasoned advocate for holistic living.

Whether gracing the stage at TEDx conferences, corporate events, or spiritual gatherings, she captivates audiences with her wisdom on intentionality, meditation, and purposeful living.

A Legacy of Innovation

As the founder of Intent and co-founder of The Chopra Well alongside her brother, Gotham Chopra, and father, Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra has carved a legacy of innovation in the realm of wellness and personal development.

Her entrepreneurial ventures, including Intent and MyPotential, have garnered acclaim for their commitment to empowering individuals on their journeys towards fulfillment.

A Global Influence

Mallika Chopra’s influence transcends borders, with her work featured in esteemed publications such as, Self Magazine, Women’s Health, and She has graced the screens of national media outlets, including Good Morning America, CNN, and the Today Show, spreading her message of mindfulness and balance to diverse audiences.

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