Lisa Francesca Nand: Inspirational Leader in Journalism and Travel

Lisa Francesca Nand: Pioneering Voice in Radio and Travel Writing

Lisa Francesca Nand, born on July 24, 1974, is a trailblazing journalist, travel writer, and broadcaster. Widely recognized by her nickname, Chessy, she began her illustrious career on BBC Radio before becoming a co-presenter on the Ian Collins show on TalkSPORT, a prominent UK radio station.

Notably, in 2006, Lisa broke barriers as the first female presenter on TalkSPORT, a significant achievement in the male-dominated broadcasting industry.

Her dynamic presence on radio quickly gained her a loyal audience, and in the same year, readers of Merry Media News voted her the third favorite female national radio presenter. Lisa’s voice and insights have resonated with listeners, earning her a place in the hearts of many.

Lisa Francesca Nand: A Versatile Writer and Content Creator

Beyond radio, Lisa Francesca Nand’s talents extend into travel writing and digital content creation. She has been widely published online and in esteemed UK press outlets, including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, Daily Mail, and National Geographic Traveller.

For several years, she maintained a bi-monthly travel vlog and blog for and served as the UK correspondent for the US company STR/Hotel News Now.

Lisa’s expertise is regularly sought after on national radio and television. She frequently appears as a travel expert on LBC Radio, BBC1’s Rip Off Britain, BBC Radio 2, 5Live, and various local BBC stations. Her engaging online travel videos have also garnered a substantial following, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences across multiple platforms.

Advocacy and Personal Endeavors

In 2015, Lisa Francesca Nand directed a deeply personal and poignant documentary titled “First Heartbeat,” which aired on TLC UK and Discovery International. The documentary, which explores her experiences with miscarriage, was a heartfelt endeavor that resonated with viewers worldwide and highlighted her commitment to raising awareness about sensitive and significant issues.

Lisa is also a dedicated patron of the charity Thyroid UK, reflecting her commitment to giving back and supporting causes close to her heart.

Reflections from Lockdown

The global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns brought profound reflections and new insights for Lisa Francesca Nand. Known for her social nature, the isolation of lockdown presented a significant challenge.

“Lockdown is the total opposite of you,” someone remarked, a sentiment she wholeheartedly agreed with. As a mother of two young children, the constant demands of cooking and caregiving felt overwhelming at times, as if she were “running a café. Badly!”

Despite these challenges, lockdown made Lisa Francesca Nand appreciate everyday freedoms even more. It deepened her gratitude for simple joys like walking, running, and visiting beautiful places, and underscored the importance of being able to connect with friends, family, and loved ones.

The Power of Love and Connection

When asked about the most powerful effect one can have on another person, Lisa’s answer is simple yet profound: love. “The most powerful effect you can have on someone is to love them; to see the best in them and want the best for them.” This philosophy is a testament to her empathetic nature and belief in the transformative power of positive relationships.

Daily Practices and Mental Well-being

Lisa draws strength from the wisdom of her maternal grandmother, who lived to be 99 years old. Her grandmother’s mantra, “believe in yourself,” serves as a guiding principle, especially during challenging times or when facing new ventures.

To maintain her mental health, Lisa emphasizes the importance of fresh air, nature, travel, long walks, and spending quality time with loved ones. These practices help her stay grounded and balanced, even amid life’s uncertainties.

Gratitude in Times of Crisis

Reflecting on the global crisis, Lisa Francesca Nand expresses deep gratitude for the regained freedoms and the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. “I’m so grateful for our freedom especially now we are regaining it,” she says, recognizing the value of being able to walk, run, visit beautiful places, and share moments with friends and family.

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