Kesha Ram Hinsdale: Pioneering Change in Vermont Politics

Kesha Ram Hinsdale: A Trailblazing Force of Change

Kesha Ram Hinsdale : In the world of politics, it’s not often that you come across someone who embodies the spirit of change, inspires the masses, and leaves an indelible mark on the community they serve. Kesha Ram Hinsdale is one such extraordinary individual, a trailblazer who has shattered glass ceilings and worked tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

Born on August 2, 1986, Kesha Ram Hinsdale‘s journey from her early life to her current role as a Vermont State Senator is nothing short of inspirational.

Kesha Ram Hinsdale : Early Life and Education

Kesha Ram Hinsdale’s roots are as diverse as her passion for social justice. Born to a Jewish mother and Hindu father, she grew up in Los Angeles, California, where her parents ran an Irish pub. It was in this vibrant and multicultural environment that she developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds.

Her family’s commitment to community service and her great-great-grandfather, Sir Ganga Ram’s legacy as a supervising engineer and philanthropist in British India, laid the foundation for Kesha’s own dedication to public service. In 2004, she graduated from Santa Monica High School, setting the stage for her remarkable journey ahead.

Kesha’s pursuit of higher education brought her to the University of Vermont. In 2008, she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in natural resource planning and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Her commitment to academic excellence earned her a prestigious Truman Scholarship.

Kesha’s leadership qualities shone during her time at the University of Vermont, where she served as student body president, setting the stage for her future in public service. Remarkably, her first elected position was as Student Council President in the fifth grade, foreshadowing a career dedicated to representing and advocating for her constituents.

Her thirst for knowledge and commitment to public service didn’t stop there. In 2018, Kesha earned her Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, a testament to her unwavering dedication to empowering herself with the skills and knowledge needed to effect real change in the world.

A Life of Advocacy

Kesha Ram Hinsdale’s journey as a change-maker began early in her career when she served as the legal director for Women Helping Battered Women, now known as Steps to End Domestic Violence. Her work has consistently centred on advocating for people of colour and immigrants in Vermont.

Her roles as the public engagement specialist for the Burlington Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) and interim director for Organizational Development at the Center for Whole Communities reflect her commitment to fostering community growth and development.

Kesha’s list of affiliations and commitments is extensive, showcasing her unwavering dedication to various causes. She is a board member of the Center for Whole Communities, Emerge Vermont, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and the Vermont Natural Resources Council. Each of these affiliations underscores her passion for social justice, women’s rights, and environmental preservation.

A Remarkable Journey in the Vermont Legislature

At the tender age of 22, Kesha Ram Hinsdale made history by becoming the youngest member of the Vermont House of Representatives and the youngest state legislator in the entire country.

Kesha Ram Hinsdale represented the Chittenden 6-4 District, which encompasses the Hill Section of Burlington and the University of Vermont. Her remarkable tenure in the Vermont House of Representatives from 2009 to 2016 was marked by a series of notable achievements.

Kesha Ram Hinsdale served as Clerk of the House General, Housing, and Affairs Committee from 2009 to 2011. Her commitment to public service and her advocacy for change was evident in her efforts to establish Abenaki tribal recognition, create driver’s privilege cards for undocumented immigrants, criminalize revenge porn and stalking, establish energy siting standards, and expand first-time homeownership tax credits.

In 2015, Kesha Ram Hinsdale announced her candidacy for lieutenant governor of Vermont. She was endorsed by prominent figures, including U.S. Representatives Ami Bera and Annie McLane Kuster, as well as Democracy for America. Though she came in third in the primary, her spirited campaign and unwavering commitment to justice left an indelible mark.

In 2020, Kesha Ram Hinsdale ran for the Vermont Senate and finished second in the Democratic primary race, later securing her place as one of the five Democrats elected to the State Senate. Her incredible journey reached new heights in 2022 when she won re-election to the Vermont Senate.

A Visionary and Advocate for Change

Kesha Ram Hinsdale’s political journey has consistently been marked by her unapologetic approach to challenging the status quo. She has been a steadfast advocate for climate action, homeownership opportunities, paid family and medical leave, and reforming the criminal justice system. Her experiences as the Head Start Advocate for an early learning centre and as the Legal Advocacy Director for Steps to End Domestic Violence have deeply influenced her legislative work in fighting for vulnerable families.

Moreover, Kesha Ram Hinsdale has been instrumental in creating a platform for the next generation of leaders. She co-founded Emerge Vermont and the Bright Leadership Institute, which supports women, people of colour, and young people to represent their communities. Her work on the boards of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and the Vermont Natural Resources Council has advanced the interconnected fight for health equity, abortion justice, and environmental protection.

In 2020, Kesha made history again as the first woman of colour ever elected to the Vermont State Senate. In this role, she has continued her relentless pursuit of justice and equity. As the chair of the Senate Economic Development, Housing & General Affairs Committee, she has spearheaded historic reforms, even while caring for her newborn baby, Mira. Her dedication to advancing affordable housing, strengthening unions, and labour protections is a testament to her unwavering commitment to Vermont’s working families.

A Powerful Voice for Justice

Kesha Ram Hinsdale’s story is one of tenacity, determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Her journey is a shining example of how one person’s dedication can lead to meaningful change in the community and beyond. She has consistently shown that progress should leave no one behind, and her advocacy for a Green New Deal, universal healthcare, fundamental voting rights, and access to abortion care is a testament to her vision for a more just and equitable world.

Kesha’s marriage to Jacob Hinsdale, who grew up on a dairy and maple farm in Charlotte, and their life in Shelburne with their daughter Mira and their dog Miso are a testament to the values of family and community that have driven her throughout her journey.

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