Israel Expresses Gratitude as Indian Workers Fill Job Gaps

Indian Workers help in Israel Labour Shortage

Israel Expresses: Israel has emerged as the country with the most favourable view of India, according to data shared by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on the social media platform X previously Twitter, citing World of Statistics.

Expressing their sentiment on Twitter, the official State of Israel account stated, Israel is the country which perceives India most favourably. We love our Indian friends.

Israel Expresses Gratitude

With a population of approximately 9M, Israel heavily relies on foreign labour, particularly in industries like construction, agriculture, and caregiving.

Following the recent conflict with Hamas, a significant labour shortage has led tens of thousands of workers to seek employment in job centres across the nation.

Due to security concerns, Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza currently face restrictions on entering Israel, with their work permits cancelled. An agreement on labour mobility between India and Israel, signed before the conflict erupted last year, aimed to establish an institutional mechanism for regulating migration and ensuring the protection of the rights of individuals working in Israel.

As Israel grapples with the aftermath of the conflict and a severe labour crisis, the influx of Indian workers highlights the importance of international agreements to manage migration and safeguard the rights of those seeking employment opportunities abroad.

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