Indian Students Struggle for US Internships

US Internships Gets Difficult for Indian Students

Indian students in the United States are grappling with a dearth of internship opportunities this summer amid a sluggish job market in the country. Even students from prestigious Ivy League universities are facing challenges securing internships, crucial for gaining practical experience before entering the competitive job arena.

The global economic downturn has significantly impacted entry-level job prospects, exacerbated by an implicit directive, reportedly preceding the US Presidential election, urging companies to prioritize local hiring. Rising inflation, escalating living costs, local job scarcity, and sponsorship hurdles have compounded the plight of graduating Indian students in the US.

Indian Students Issues

Illustrating the predicament, a 22-year-old undergraduate student at Harvard University, majoring in economics and psychology, has been fruitlessly applying for internships over the past six months.

This year’s internship crunch extends to STEM students as well, previously in high demand, with technology, consulting, and emerging companies either downsizing or maintaining hiring freezes.

Interestingly, despite the internship struggles, American colleges continue to attract foreign students, including Indians, with the number of Indian students in the US reaching record highs.

The prevailing challenges underscore the need for concerted efforts to address the internship shortfall and ensure equitable opportunities for international students pursuing education and career prospects in the US.

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