Indian Family’s Freezing Death at Canada Border

Custody Update on Indian Family Death in Canada

Indian Family’s: Two defendants entered not guilty pleas in federal court on Wednesday regarding their alleged involvement in smuggling a group of undocumented Indian nationals across the Canadian border amidst a blizzard, which tragically resulted in the freezing deaths of a family of four in January 2 years ago.

Harshkumar Patel and Steve Shand, as per authorities, allegedly coordinated the smuggling operation after meeting at a casino near Orlando, Fla.

Indian Family’s Freezing…

Charging documents indicate that Patel hired Shand to transport unauthorized immigrants across the Minnesota-Canadian border, originating from Patel’s home state of Gujarat in India.

The deaths of Jagdish Patel, Vaishaliben Patel, and their children Vihangi and Dharmik sparked extensive investigations into the illicit immigration route from western India to the United States.

The bodies were discovered frozen in Emerson, Manitoba, with additional immigrants found nearby.

A federal grand jury recently indicted Patel and Shand on charges related to conspiring to transport undocumented immigrants, causing bodily harm, and endangering lives for financial gain.

Allegations state that Patel paid Shand $25K for transporting the Indian nationals to Chicago.

During Wednesday’s arraignment via Zoom, Patel remained in custody in Douglas County, following his arrest in Chicago last month, while Shand was released on bail.

The case underscores the risks associated with illegal immigration and the tragic consequences that can result from such dangerous ventures.

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