Increase in US Immigration Charges

US Immigration Fee Increases

Increase in US: In 2024, filing fees for various U.S. immigration applications and petitions are set to increase, with premium processing fees seeing a surge starting February 26.

Fees for H2-B, R-1, and certain F-1 I-765 applications will rise from $1,500 to $1,685. I-539 extension or change of status petition fees will increase from $1,750 to $1,965, while I-129 and I-140 fees will jump from $2,500 to $2,805.

Increase in US Immigration

Adjustment of status applicants will no longer have fees waived for employment authorization (Form I-765) or a travel document (Form I-131) with a pending I-485 application, resulting in separate fees totalling $2,820.

Additional fees include a $600 charge for all I-129 Non-immigrant Worker Petitions and I-140 Immigrant Petitions, expected to take effect around March 2024.

H-1B registration fees for FY2025 are not expected to impact H-1B CAP registrations, and applications postmarked before the new rule’s implementation will not be subject to increased fees.

The filing fee for Form I-907 is increased to adjust for inflation, aligned with the USCIS Stabilization Act.

This increase aims to enhance adjudication processes, address backlogs, and support USCIS adjudication and naturalization services. The USCIS encourages online filing, offering a lower fee as an incentive for this option.

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