Immigration Drives Male Population Growth in Canada

Immigration Results in Male Population Boost in Canada

Immigration Drives: Canada’s gender ratio is experiencing a significant shift due to a surge in immigration, with a higher proportion of male newcomers narrowing the margin of female majority to its lowest level in decades.

Over the past year, the population of adult men has increased by 3.4%, surpassing the 2.9% growth rate observed among women. This disparity marks the widest gap recorded in nearly 50 years.

Immigration Drives Male Viral

Particularly in the 25-to-44 age group, men have experienced a notable 4.8% increase, compared to a 3.9% rise among women. As of January, there are 141K more men than women in this age bracket, a significant deviation from the long-term average of zero difference.

These statistics underscore the evolving demographic landscape of Canada, driven by its progressive immigration policy aimed at bolstering the workforce to counteract long-term economic decline resulting from an aging population.

Notably, Canada’s population growth surged to 3.2% over a one-year period ending on October 1, outpacing all Group of Seven nations as well as China and India. The majority of this growth stemmed from a sharp rise in international migration, particularly among foreign students and temporary workers.

In contrast to 2022, when the gender gap was at its narrowest in over three decades, the current trend reflects a shift towards a more balanced gender distribution.

This pattern is consistent with global demographic trends, where advanced economies with older populations tend to have a higher proportion of women due to longer life expectancy.

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