Fine Imposed: Apple Favouring Immigrants in Hiring Practices

Apple Convicted of Participating in Unfair Hiring Practices

Fine Imposed : Apple has reached a $25 million settlement with the United States Department of Justice, concluding accusations of breaching federal laws. The settlement addresses claims that Apple unlawfully prioritized immigrant workers over American citizens and green card holders for certain job positions.

Fine Imposed

According to a statement from the Justice Department last week, Apple allegedly neglected to actively seek out American citizens or permanent residents for roles eligible for a federal program that allows employers to sponsor workers for green cards. This action is deemed a violation of laws prohibiting discrimination based on citizenship.

US work visas, such as H-1B and L-1, mandate that American companies attest to attempting to fill vacant positions internally before resorting to immigrant hiring. Concerns arise as foreign labour tends to be more cost-effective than hiring U.S. workers.

The Justice Department emphasized that Apple departed from its usual recruitment approach by not publicizing job openings eligible for the permanent labour certification (PERM) program on its website, a standard practice for other roles.Apple has also committed to aligning its recruitment practices for PERM-designated jobs with its regular procedures. The company will also enhance its recruitment initiatives and conduct employee training on anti-discrimination laws, as outlined in the settlement.

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