Embassy Says Many US Student Visa Interview Slots Available Soon

The US embassy has informed that in the coming days, a significant number of interview slots will be made available for Indian students applying for F-1 visas. Although the specific date for the release of these slots is currently unknown, students are advised to visit the embassy’s website once or twice a day to stay updated on the upcoming appointment release.

Over the years, Indians have been among the largest recipients of various US visas, including student visas, H-1B visas, and tourist visas. In fact, in 2022, approximately one in every five student visas granted by the United States was awarded to Indian applicants.

This statistic highlights the concerted efforts made by US consulates in India to reduce visa wait times. In recent times, the United States has faced significant challenges in dealing with lengthy visa processing times, particularly for tourist visas, which have exceeded 900 days since the onset of the pandemic.

Among all nations, a greater number of students from India choose to pursue their education in the United States compared to any other country. This trend was solidified last year when India claimed the top spot, and it is expected to remain unchanged in the foreseeable future.

This strong bond between the two countries is a testament to the United States’ commitment to embracing individuals from around the world, not only Americans, in the pursuit of higher education. Indian students constitute more than 21 percent of the total international student population in the United States.

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