Digital Era for Travellers to Europe

The Schengen Visa goes Digital

Travellers : In a significant development benefiting global travellers, the European Union has unveiled intentions to digitize the Schengen visa application. Foreign ministers within the European Union have approved a shift in the visa application process for Schengen area visits, transitioning to an online platform.

Travellers to Europe :-

This digital transformation removes the requirement for visa applicants to acquire a physical sticker in their passport, simplifying the application process and eliminating the necessity for consulate or service provider appointments.

The transition is set to be activated after the completion of technical adjustments to the visa platform, a process expected to span several months, and subsequent publication in the administrative gazette of the European Union. Encompassing 23 out of the 27 EU member nations and neighbouring associates, the Schengen area will witness a significant shift towards a digital visa system.

The forthcoming online visa system “aims to streamline the application process for travellers.” Once operational, individuals seeking short stays in the Schengen area will use the online platform to submit required documents, data, and electronic copies of their travel documents, including biometric information, and fulfil associated fees.

Upon approval following database verification, applicants will obtain a cryptographically signed barcode for printing or electronic storage. All individuals entering the European Union, whether through visas or visa waivers, will undergo processing via an automated EU Entry/Exit System.

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