Court Clears NRI Woman Accused of Abandonment

Punjab and Haryana High Court Clears Accused Woman

Court Clears NRI Woman: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has dismissed a cheating case against an Australian NRI woman accused of abandoning her husband, who allegedly spent nearly ₹30 lakh to send her abroad.

Justice Deepak Gupta stated that even if the husband covered expenses for coaching, training, and living in Australia, it doesn’t constitute prima facie cheating, as the expenses were incurred by a husband for his wife.

The FIR was filed in March 2020 by Amandeep Singh, accusing his wife, Rajwinder Kaur, and her father Gurtej Singh of cheating and criminal conspiracy.

Court Clears NRI Woman Viral

The couple married in 2014, and she moved to Australia in 2018 under the understanding that she would study after passing IELTS, and the husband would join her later.

The petition to quash the FIR argued that the husband initially agreed to bear expenses, but he didn’t contribute to her travel, funded by her father. A compromise was reached in 2019, but the husband filed a criminal case in 2020.

The court quashed the FIR, noting the husband’s attempt to evade the earlier compromise. The woman, not a signatory to the compromise, was not bound by its terms. The ruling emphasized the importance of honouring compromises and questioned the filing of a criminal case after reaching an agreement.

In essence, the court deemed the cheating allegations insufficient, emphasizing the need to respect compromises and dismissing the case against the NRI woman.

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