Canadian Minister Advocates for Temporary Residents

Canadian Immigration Minister on Migrants

Canadian Minister: Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller has revealed plans to increase domestic draws for temporary residents already residing in Canada who are eligible for permanent residence (PR).

These draws refer to selection rounds for PR through programs like Express Entry, where candidates are chosen from a pool based on factors like Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores or specific qualifications such as professional experience or French language proficiency. Selected candidates receive invitations to apply (ITAs) for PR.

Canadian Minister Said..

Miller’s announcement was part of a broader statement addressing the management of temporary resident numbers in Canada. The aim is to ease pressures on essential sectors like housing and healthcare.

Temporary residents encompass individuals living or working in Canada on a non-permanent basis, including foreign nationals with work or study permits.

The proposed strategy involves increasing domestic draws at the federal level and encouraging provinces and territories participating in the Provincial Nominee Program to follow suit with their allocations.

Miller’s emphasis on domestic draws suggests a potential focus on individuals already contributing to Canada’s workforce or educational landscape as promising candidates for permanent residency. However, the precise implications of Miller’s statements on policy implementation remain uncertain.

Overall, the initiative signals a proactive approach to leveraging the existing pool of temporary residents to meet Canada’s long-term immigration goals while addressing immediate societal needs.

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