Canada’s New Spousal Work Permit Rules

Canada Updates Spouse Permit Rules

Canada’s New: In a bid to refine its immigration policies, Canada has rolled out significant amendments to the eligibility criteria for Spousal Open Work Permits (SOWP).

Effective March 19, individuals seeking SOWPs must be partners or spouses of international students enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs exclusively at recognized Canadian universities or polytechnic institutions.

This development follows earlier modifications announced on January 22, where the eligibility scope was narrowed further. Significantly, partners of international students in undergraduate and college programs no longer qualify for Spousal Open Work Permits.

Canada’s New Spousal…

Applicants for SOWPs must furnish documents affirming their relationship to the student, along with evidence of the partner’s enrolment in a degree-granting program.

For those no longer eligible for SOWPs, alternative routes exist. Spouses and partners may pursue other types of work permits or opt for a visitor visa (TRV). However, it’s crucial to note that individuals entering Canada under visitor status are not permitted to engage in employment.

SOWPs serve as a crucial mechanism in Canada’s mission to promote family reunification while offering recipients the freedom to work for nearly any employer within the country.

These adjustments underscore the government’s ongoing efforts to fine-tune immigration policies in alignment with broader objectives.

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