Canada Urged to Reduce Foreign Labor Dependence

Canada Looks to Minimize Foreign Labor

Canada Urged: Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, is taking measures to reduce the nation’s reliance on temporary foreign labour and international students.

This initiative has encountered resistance from business sectors claiming insufficient availability of domestic workers to sustain various economic sectors.

Canada Urged to Reduce

Last month, Miller implemented a 35% reduction in foreign student visas and plans further adjustments, including restrictions on students’ off-campus work hours and a review of the temporary foreign worker program.

He aims to manage the influx of foreign students and temporary workers, which has contributed to escalating housing costs and public discontent with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration.

Miller faces the challenge of balancing economic demands with maintaining Canada’s orderly immigration system, which has faced declining public support.

Despite potential economic impacts, he asserts Canada’s readiness to limit temporary migration. While high immigration levels have buoyed the economy amid rising interest rates, they have also fuelled inflation and led to concerns about colleges exploiting foreign students for profit, offering them experiences that fall short of promises.

Overall, Miller’s actions reflect a broader effort to recalibrate immigration policies to address economic and social challenges. By curbing temporary migration, Canada aims to mitigate housing affordability issues and ensure a more equitable experience for foreign students.

These measures underscore the government’s commitment to maintaining a robust immigration system while addressing concerns about its impact on domestic labour markets and social cohesion.

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