Bikram Singh: A Musical Odyssey from Punjab to NYC

Bikram Singh: Bridging Borders Through Beats and Briefs

Bikram Singh, the epitome of versatility, embodies the spirit of a true artist and legal maestro. His journey from the vibrant streets of Punjab to the bustling metropolis of New York City is a testament to perseverance, passion, and unwavering dedication.

Early Beginnings and Musical Exploration of Bikram Singh

Born in 1980/1981, Bikram Singh’s tale begins with his migration from Punjab, India, to the melting pot of cultures in Queens, New York, at the tender age of twelve. It was in the heart of Queens where his love affair with music blossomed. Singh swiftly immersed himself in the local music scene, making his debut at an open mic night in Greenwich Village.

Fusing Punjabi folk lyricism with Asian Underground electronica, Bikram Singh embarked on a musical voyage that transcended boundaries.

Collaborating with New York’s DJ Navdeep, he produced the underground sensation “Aa Gayee,” captivating audiences with his innovative sound. Singh’s talent caught the eye of Panjabi MC, leading to a groundbreaking performance at Summerjam 2003, where he mesmerized over 20,000 fans with “Beware of the Boys.”

Musical Milestones and Collaborations

The release of the 2004 mix-tape “Exclusives” marked a pivotal moment in Singh’s career, featuring the chart-topping hits “Taakre” and “Nachna,” produced by the acclaimed Tigerstyle.

His magnum opus, “American Jugni,” soared to the top of the BBC Asian Bhangra charts, earning accolades as the best-selling album in the UK. Collaborations with renowned artists like Shakti, Wyclef, and Das Racist further solidified Singh’s status as a trailblazer in the global music scene.

The Band and Live Performances

Accompanied by a stellar ensemble of musicians, Bikram Singh’s live performances are nothing short of electrifying.

With a lineup comprising a drummer, tabla player, dholki player, dhol player, bass guitarist, and keyboardist, his shows are a fusion of traditional folk covers and high-energy original tracks. After a hiatus, Singh returned with the soul-stirring single “Ek Gabru,” showcasing his continued evolution as an artist.

“I am not a veteran by any means. I’ve just started and I have a long way to go. Along the way, I am learning so much from different artists in the industry and it’s been an amazing experience. I just hope that I am able to continue making good music for years to come.” Says Bikram

Empowering the Next Generation

Bikram Singh’s story resonates with aspiring artists facing parental expectations. He emphasizes the importance of pursuing one’s passion while maintaining a realistic approach. Education, he believes, provides a foundation for informed decisions, urging young individuals to explore their talents with parental guidance.

Future Ventures and Exciting Projects

With his upcoming album nearing completion, Bikram Singh teases fans with tantalizing details. Collaborations with acclaimed artists like Tigerstyle, Mentor, and Twin Beats promise a musical extravaganza. His innovative project with Bellringer reflects a bold experimentation with pop, dance, and urban genres, showcasing his artistic versatility.

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