Biden’s Plan for AI: Easier Visas for STEM Talent

STEM Students to get Easier Visa in US

Biden’s Plan : President Joe Biden has issued a comprehensive executive order pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI). The order underscores the importance of companies disclosing possible risks linked to their AI systems that could be utilized by nations or terrorist groups to create weapons of mass destruction.

Though the main emphasis of the order lies in ensuring AI safety and security, it also encompasses clauses dedicated to promoting AI advancement within the United States.

Biden’s Plan for AI Talents

These provisions involve initiatives to draw international talent to American corporations and research institutions, further enhancing the country’s standing in the AI sector. The Biden administration intends to tap into the knowledge of highly skilled immigrants and non-immigrants in critical fields, aiming to enhance their ability to reside, study, and work in the United States. This involves streamlining the visa interview and review processes.

Last month, STEM students received a boost when the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal challenging the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. This initiative allows international students in the U.S. on student visas to work during their studies and for up to one year after graduation, serving as a vital route for international students seeking employment opportunities in the country.

The United States is in the process of developing a strategy that would enable immigrant workers to extend their visas within the U.S., eliminating the requirement for hundreds of thousands of STEM students to journey to their home nations for face-to-face interviews.

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