Australia: Sikh Restaurant Owner Faces Racial Abuse

Sikh Restaurant owner faces racist remarks in Australia

Australia :- A Sikh entrepreneur residing in Australia has claimed that he has faced repeated instances of racial targeting in recent months, with individuals instructing him to go home and even vandalizing his car with dog waste.

Australia – Sikh Restaurant:-

Jarnail Singh, the proprietor of a restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania, disclosed that he has been consistently victimized for the past two to three months, according to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The initial occurrence involved someone smearing dog excrement on the door handles of his car outside his residence, persisting for four or five consecutive days. Subsequently, he discovered racist graffiti in his driveway, explicitly stating “Go home, Indian.”

Although he reported the incidents to the police, the lack of video evidence made it challenging to identify the perpetrators. Tasmania Police Commander Jason Elmer confirmed that the reported incidents have been brought to the attention of law enforcement and are currently under investigation.

He highlighted that existing laws empower the courts to factor in racial hatred or prejudice as an aggravating element in sentencing. Commander Elmer stressed that any type of verbal or physical harassment is unacceptable in the community, emphasizing that individuals should promptly reach out to the police if they believe they have experienced an incident related to prejudice.

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