Ashok Gandotra: Blending Cricket and Academics with Grace

Ashok Gandotra: A Tale of Talent, Humility, and Determination

In the annals of cricket history, the name Ashok Gandotra might not ring as loudly as some of his contemporaries, but his journey is a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and sport. Born in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, his life took a sharp turn when his family moved back to Delhi, a decision that possibly changed his sport of choice forever.

Early Days in Rio

Ashok Gandotra’s life began in an exotic locale. His father, a member of the Indian foreign services, was stationed in Rio de Janeiro when Ashok was born, making him the only Test cricketer born in Brazil. This unique beginning was soon followed by a return to Delhi, a move that would pivot young Ashok towards cricket, a sport that would define his early years and leave a lasting imprint on his life.

Ashok Gandotra: The Rise of a Schoolboy Sensation

Back in Delhi, Ashok’s cricketing journey began to take shape. Despite his modest height of 5’6½”, he was known for his explosive batting style. His performances at the school and university levels were nothing short of spectacular. Ashok’s talent caught the eye of many, including the legendary Bishan Singh Bedi, who rated him as an “enormous talent.”

However, Ashok Gandotra himself was candid about his limitations. In an interview with Vijay Lokapally for The Hindu, he humbly admitted, “Honestly, I didn’t rate myself very high. I was a left-hander. So that made me look different but I was technically not sound. Generally left-handers look stylish. But I was not very focused, not very determined.”

University Glory and Beyond

Ashok’s university days were marked by significant achievements. At St Stephen’s College, he was noticed by Tiger Pataudi, who saw immense potential in him. Despite this, Ashok’s characteristic modesty led him to downplay his abilities.

His performances were indeed attractive and graceful, as described by his teammate Vinay Lamba: “Gandotra had a way with his batting. He was an attractive batsman, could play all shots. Remember, the pitches were not covered those days. He used to bowl too. He was very graceful to watch.”

His all-round capabilities were further highlighted by Sunil Dev, who recollected their times together: “We would move around on his Vespa scooter, playing at different grounds. He was superb at studies and cricket. He could read a situation adeptly and used to bowl lethal Chinaman.”

First-Class Cricket and Test Debut

Ashok Gandotra’s First-Class cricket statistics are impressive. He scored 2,121 runs at an average of 28.66 and took 21 wickets at 26.71. His debut was a memorable one, and his performance in the 1967-68 Duleep Trophy semi-final against West Zone was a highlight, showcasing his dazzling strokeplay.

His Test debut came in the third Test against New Zealand at Hyderabad. Although India was struggling, Ashok managed to show resilience, scoring 18 in tough conditions. However, his Test career was short-lived, spanning just two matches.

A Shift Towards Academics and Business

Despite his evident talent, Ashok Gandotra never saw cricket as a long-term career. He pursued academics with vigor, completing his MA (Hons) from St Stephen’s College. His focus shifted to his professional life, working initially for Bush Tea Company and later moving to Calcutta for business commitments. His career in the tea industry flourished, and he became one of the renowned tea-tasters in the city.

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