Aria: The Journey from Child Actress to K-pop Star

Aria's Journey: From Mumbai to K-pop Stardom

Aria, born Gauthami on March 12, 2003, captivates audiences not just with her talent but with her journey of cultural fusion and determination. Hailing from Thiruvananthapuram, she moved to Mumbai during her fifth grade, where she completed her schooling. This multicultural background enriched her ability to speak four languages: English, Korean, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Aria: Early Influences and Passion for K-pop

Aria’s fascination with Korean culture began during her school days in Mumbai. Inspired by BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” she was drawn into the world of K-pop, sparking a passion that would shape her future. Her exposure to Korean dramas and the influence of her school’s Korean president’s daughter further deepened her interest.

From Child Actress to K-pop Aspirant

Aria initially ventured into the entertainment industry as a child actress, debuting in Melvilasom (2011) and later appearing in Thank You (2013). However, it was her discovery of K-pop that steered her towards a new dream. Despite lacking formal music training, she immersed herself in K-pop music, learning through YouTube videos and relentless practice in her room.

The Path to K-pop Stardom

In 2022, Aria’s journey took a pivotal turn when she was selected by GBK Entertainment’s MEP-C, marking the beginning of her transition from Mumbai to Seoul. She joined Escrow Entertainment and debuted as a member of X in April 2023, contributing to their debut track “Keeping the Fire.” This marked the realization of her childhood dream, where she expressed her joy in being able to perform in Korea, a place that had captured her heart years ago.

Embracing Diversity with ‘Triple Iz’

Aria’s journey further expanded as she became part of ‘Triple Iz,’ a sub-unit within X aimed at celebrating diversity. With members from various nationalities like Indonesia and South Korea, the group released their single “Halla,” showcasing their unique blend of cultures and talents.

Pursuing Dreams Against All Odds

Aria’s story is a testament to perseverance and courage. From a young girl in Mumbai dreaming of K-pop stardom to becoming an integral part of a global sensation, she defied norms and barriers. Her journey was marked by self-taught skills, determination, and unwavering passion, proving that with dedication and belief in oneself, dreams can indeed come true.

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