Anand Yankarran: The Musical Prodigy and Chutney Pioneer

Anand Yankarran: The Voice That Revolutionized Chutney Music

Anand Yankarran shot to the spotlight in the local Chutney arena in 1989 when he recorded a jingle for Stag beer called “Zindabad Trinibago.”

This moment marked the beginning of an illustrious career that would see him become one of the most beloved figures in the Indo-Caribbean music scene. His journey from a local talent to a national icon is a testament to his unique voice, musical innovation, and cultural impact.

Anand Yankarran: The Rise of a Chutney Icon

Anand Yankarran was not just any singer; he was a force of nature in the world of Chutney music. His rise to fame began with the infectious jingle “Zindabad Trinibago,” which he later recorded on his first album, “Victory.”

This album also included his breakthrough Chutney hit, “Nanda Baba,” in 1989. These early successes laid the foundation for a career that would be marked by numerous hits and widespread acclaim.

His other popular songs, such as “Jo Jo” and “Ranga Dal,” further solidified his place in the hearts of fans. His last Chutney release, “Pak Pak,” in 2013, was a testament to his enduring appeal and talent. Yankarran’s music was not just popular; it was transformative, helping to bring Chutney music to a broader audience and infusing it with new energy and creativity.

A Musical Dynasty

Anand Yankarran hailed from a family deeply rooted in music. His father, the legendary Indian classical singer Isaac Yankarran, was a significant influence on his musical journey.

The Yankarran family, often referred to as the “first family of Chutney music,” includes other notable musicians like Anand’s brother Rakesh Yankarran, known as the “Raja of Chutney.” This musical lineage ensured that Anand was steeped in rich traditions and innovative practices from a young age.

At the age of ten, Anand was already leading the Waterloo Hindu School choir, which won a Divali singing competition. This early start was a precursor to a lifetime dedicated to music. He studied music theory with esteemed musicians and mastered various instruments, including the harmonium, dholak, tabla, and sitar, under the guidance of his brother Rakesh.

National and International Recognition

Anand Yankarran’s contributions to Chutney music did not go unnoticed. In 1991, he was awarded the Chaconia Medal (Silver) for long and meritorious service to Trinidad and Tobago. This prestigious honor recognized his role in shaping and promoting Indo-Caribbean music.

His music also gained international acclaim, transcending the boundaries of Trinidad and Tobago. Songs like “Kanhaiya,” which became a popular advertisement, showcased his ability to appeal to a wide audience. Yankarran’s unique voice and style helped Chutney music gain acceptance across ethnic lines and on international stages.

The Impact and Legacy of Anand Yankarran

Anand Yankarran’s influence on Chutney music is immeasurable. He was more than just a singer; he was a trailblazer who brought a unique brand of music to the world. His rendition of “Zindabad Trinbago” in a Stag commercial is still fondly remembered by television viewers, and his song “Nanda Baba” remains a beloved classic.

The new year brought the sad news of Anand Yankarran’s passing. Having survived a stroke in 2008, he eventually succumbed to another stroke at the age of 51. His funeral, attended by family, friends, and fans, was a poignant reminder of the profound impact he had on the music community and beyond.

Tributes from the Music Community

The outpouring of tributes following his death highlighted the deep respect and admiration that Anand Yankarran commanded. Akash Vani presenter and Chutney Soca Monarch Rikki Jai described him as a friend, brother, and mentor, emphasizing that “there were many champions in Chutney, but there was only one Chutney king and that king was Anand Yankarran.”

Ravi ji, former head of the Hindu Prachar Kendra, praised the Yankarran family for their exceptional voices and highlighted Anand’s role in mainstreaming Indo-Caribbean music. Southex CEO George Singh lauded Yankarran’s influence on the Chutney Soca Monarch competition and described him as “phenomenal.”

A Lasting Influence

Anand Yankarran’s contributions to Chutney music will continue to resonate for generations. His music, infused with his distinctive style and voice, has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Today, young singers from the Yankarran family, like Ambika Yankarran and Ruben, continue to carry forward his legacy.

Veerandra Persad, leader of 3Veni and manager of KI and The Band, reflected on the great journey he had with Anand, producing albums and touring internationally. This collaboration and the many others Anand engaged in are a testament to his collaborative spirit and dedication to spreading Chutney music far and wide.

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