Ambiga Sreenevasan: Pioneering Justice and Equality

Ambiga Sreenevasan: A Trailblazer in Law, Human Rights, and Advocacy

Ambiga Sreenevasan :- Ambiga Sreenevasan, born in 1956, stands as a beacon of justice, a prominent Malaysian lawyer, and a relentless human rights advocate. Her journey, marked by resilience and unwavering commitment, has left an indelible mark on Malaysia’s legal landscape.

Ambiga Sreenevasan’s Education and Entry into Law

Sreenevasan’s academic journey began at Convent Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur, where she served as head prefect in 1975. Her passion for justice led her to the University of Exeter, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1979. She was called to the English Bar at Gray’s Inn in 1980, after which she ventured into the legal realm, joining the Malaysian Bar in 1982.

A Towering Career of Ambiga Sreenevasan

Since March 1982, Ambiga Sreenevasan has been a stalwart in legal practice, co-founding Sreenevasan, Advocates & Solicitors. Notably, she served as the president of Hakam, Malaysia’s National Human Rights Society, showcasing her dedication to the pursuit of justice and human rights.

Malaysian Bar Council Presidency 2007 – 2009

In March 2007, Ambiga Sreenevasan made history as the second woman to lead the Bar Council. Her tenure was marked by bold initiatives, most notably the “March for Justice,” a pivotal moment in Malaysia’s legal history. This courageous move demanded judicial reform and an investigation into alleged improprieties, leading to the establishment of a Royal Commission.

Despite the significant strides towards justice, Sreenevasan faced adversity. Hate mail, death threats, and even a Molotov cocktail thrown at her home were not enough to deter her commitment to justice and the rule of law.

Bersih 2.0 Rally: A Voice for the People

Sreenevasan’s advocacy extended beyond the courtroom as she chaired Bersih 2.0, orchestrating the impactful July 2011 rally in Kuala Lumpur. With 20,000 people rallying for clean and fair elections, she shattered myths about unity and the middle class’s commitment to change.

The rally sparked accusations of a conspiracy to destabilize the government, but Sreenevasan’s resilience prevailed. Defamation suits were filed, resulting in the New Straits Times Press paying damages and issuing an apology for publishing false and baseless claims.

Continuing Impact and Recognition

In 2018, Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan‘s commitment to justice led to her appointment to the International Commission of Jurists, further solidifying her global impact. Her memberships in organizations like the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association and her leadership in Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 showcase a multifaceted commitment to justice, intellectual property, and fair elections.

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